Aerial photography

We have recently purchased a Drone to be used for aerial photography and video and have also partnered with a licenced UK Drone operator 

We have several packages on offer

The Gold Package costs £299+VAT and would include 10 aerial images which would show the property from a totally unique perspective. It would show how the property sits within its grounds and wider community. This would be especially useful if you want to advertise a unique feature, view or particular setting within a village or town.

The Platinum, video package would cost an extra £199+VAT and this would include a 90 second video which will grab a potential buyer’s attention and make that property stand out from the rest So the platinum would cost £498+VAT

Given the costs involved I would say that the Gold Package is suitable for properties over £200k and that the Platinum for properties over £750k. Saying that, some properties which have been on the market for a while might benefit from a renewed marketing campaign.

We are also slightly constrained by densely populated areas so a rural property would be much more suitable.

We will agree any travel expenses in advance.