Staging your home to sell


When it comes to selling a house, ‘staging’ is very important.

You can spend hours dusting and scrubbing and rearranging the furniture. But there are other changes you could make.

A front door should be an impressive and strong object it’s the second thing that a viewer sees after the garden. Make sure your doorbell works if you have one.

If the exterior of your property is looking a little tired give it an update. Stand back and make good any peeled paintwork. Repaint the exterior (especially if it’s white).

A well-presented hallway can set the tone of a house. It’s where buyers form their first and last impression of the inside of your property.

If your flooring is truly worn-out and beyond salvation, replace it!

Running the same flooring from the hall through to adjoining rooms ties a house together.

Your home should be bright and airy when visitors are viewing. A poorly lit room can be a turn-off to potential buyers, whereas bright lighting can signal warmth and comfort. Lighting can influence the mood of your guests, so it is something to consider when preparing your house for viewings. 

Entering a house that smells good is going to impress your visitors. Light essential oil diffusers or scented candles. These small additions to your rooms can have a big impact on your room and how relaxed your guests will feel.  Be careful not to have the house smelling of the meal that you have just cooked. Baking before a viewing is a good idea there is nothing better than the smell of fresh baking

Heavily patterned wallpaper and bold colours tend to make rooms feel smaller than they really are. Redecorate in a trusted neutral colour.

Giving a tired kitchen a facelift always pays-off. However, spending £1000’s to fit something brand new should only be considered if the room is in a complete state of disrepair. As long as buyers can move in and use the kitchen from day one a cosmetic touch-up is all that’s necessary.

Too much clutter can be off-putting to potential buyers. By placing bits and pieces into storage or boxes that are hidden enable visitors to get a good picture of the space on offer.

Adding plants to your household creates a colourful environment. Plants are quick and relatively inexpensive additions. Go to a garden centre and purchase ones that go with the rooms colour.

Spend some time in the garden to have it looking its best when you have viewings. Mow the lawn. Take down washing lines

If you have a driveway, the only thing on show should be a clean car. If you have more than one car in the household, consider only leaving one on the drive so that it looks more specious

If you have dogs or cats take them to a friend before a viewing as not everyone likes pets or pet hairs